Friday, April 7, 2017

We Moved!

Moving is pretty hellish, and this move was worse than any of our previous moves. Perhaps because we owned the house? We rented two houses previously, but it didn't seem as bad to move out. We just have so much stuff!!! And big stuff. Adult person stuff. Although, we sold our bed and our guest room bed before moving. That meant we had to buy new once we got to the new house... and assemble it. We disassembled and assembled a lot of things. My fingers were raw.

Moving Tips:

  1. Rent a dumpster.
  2. Throw all your junk you don't need/haven't used in years into the dumpster (or, if it's nice, into a box to donate).
  3. Pack less used items and decor first.
  4. Label, label, label. Don't let your husband pack stuff and not label it. It's a bad idea. Trust me.
  5. Be ruthless in your trashing/donating.
  6. Really nice things can be sold online, but don't price outrageously and just put the item back into storage because no one would pay the outrageous price you want.
  7. Take time off from work.
  8. Hire movers. It's better. Just bite the bullet and do it!
  9. Get all your boxes ready to go and furniture broken down before your movers come.
It costs us $350 for 4 hours with movers. We only had them move the "large" items, and that was a huge mistake!

They were super efficient and moved everything we asked them to in about an hour and a half. Had we had the other stuff ready to go, we could have saved ourselves hours of work, muscle pains, and the money to rent a UHaul (after realizing how screwed we were).

In summary, be prepared ahead of time and don't be a hoarder. If you can't stand the thought of donating/selling an item to a stranger, consider giving it to a friend or relative.

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